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Carissa Ortega

Realtor-Associate at Mel Wilson & Associates-Reators
Since I was 7 years old I was immersed in the world of real estate thanks to my mom, Angelica. She was a Realtor for over 23 years and loved every minute of it. In 2007, she convinced me to get my license and join her team. It was her dream to be a mother-daughter duo. In January of 2016, my mom passed away from cancer and I had a difficult decision to make - to leave the real estate industry behind or continue despite her absence. Obviously, I chose the latter. Practicing real estate is how I feel close and connected to my mom. She had a legacy of loyalty, dedication, trust, and honesty with her clients and I intend to uphold all those traits. This is in honor of you, Mom. An amazing woman, mom, and a damn good Realtor.

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